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Kanako Achieves an Outstanding Score of 1250 on the SAT! March 24, 2024

Kanako, a third-year student at a public junior high school in Japan, has achieved an incredible score of 1250 on the SAT.

Despite having a limited preparation period, Kanako focused on understanding her weaknesses in mathematics and was able to successfully complete all the questions in the math section, scoring an impressive 650. This is a remarkable achievement, and we are extremely proud of her dedication and hard work.

Kanako has set her sights even higher, aiming for a score of 1300 on the next SAT. We are committed to supporting her in her journey and look forward to celebrating her continued success.

Teacher : Daisuke Nakamura

Hello! Thank you for checking out my profile.


 I'm Daisuke Nakamura, the head instructor. Back in junior high school, I had no clue why I should study, so my grades were always at the bottom. I was particularly bad at Japanese and even scored zero once.


 It was when my aunt passed away from leukemia during my second year of junior high that I decided I wanted to become someone who could contribute to cancer treatment in the future, and that's what motivated me to start studying.


 Once I had a goal, the reason to study became clear, and I consistently ranked first in school tests, allowing me to enter a national university. Eventually, I was able to get involved in cancer research as I had hoped.


 I strive to provide lessons where the children I interact with can grasp the belief that "they can carve out their own path in life!" If you're interested, please feel free to contact me.

Teacher's background

September 2, 1991: Born in Tokyo

2010: Entered and graduated from Yokohama City University (Ranked second; Member of the tennis club)

2014: Entered and graduated from Yokohama City University Graduate School

2016: One of the students I mentored during my master's program won the Outstanding Research Award

2016: Passed the National Civil Service Examination (First-Class National Civil Service Examination) with perfect scores in English and Japanese

2020 onwards: Engaged in cancer research at the Cancer Research Center

2022: Presented a poster at the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology (JSMO)

2024 onwards: Scheduled to serve as a science instructor at India International School

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If you request a change or transfer after that time, it will be treated as a cancellation and the full amount will be collected.

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